Coin Boxes for Kenora Fellowship

Kenora Fellowship Centre, Anamiewigummig provides a place of refuge, sanctuary and fellowship for people who live on the streets. In addition to providing clothing, food and shelter, the fellowship centre can be the first stage in a move towards a more stable lifestyle.

The Mission Committee is continuing to raise awareness and promote support for Kenora Fellowship in 2018. The coin boxes that were handed out by the children are to be used as follows.

  1. On a daily basis during Lent, loose change can be placed in the box.
  2. At the end of Lent, the boxes can be turned into the church, and/or a cheque for the amount can be made out to SACPC, with Kenora FC designated in the memo box.
  3. The boxes should be returned on Easter Sunday.

If you were not here when they were distributed on February 11 and would like one, please speak to Anne Phillips or Kathy Banks after church or contact the office during the week.

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