Ladies Association

 The Ladies will be meeting on Tuesday, October 16th in the Ladies Parlour at 7:30pm.  The Ladies will be putting together baskets for Basketeers.  Basketeers provide laundry baskets full of items to help a woman, leaving a shelter, start out on her own.  There are 6 different Baskets:  Beauty and the Bath, Sweet Dreams, Coffee Time, Dress for Success, Kitchen and Mix it Up (which can contain a mix from the other baskets).  Ladies, in lieu of offering, please bring items for Mix It Up Baskets.  The Ladies put together 5 baskets for Basketeers last year with help from the congregation.  This year lets try for 6 baskets.  There will be a laundry basket in St.Andrew’s Hall for any items provided by the congregation.  All Ladies are welcome to join the Fun for All and All for Fun.

Refreshments will be provided by Joyful Johann and Merry Melanie.

Questions: please speak to Betty, Bonnie, Johann or Laura.  There is extra information from the Basketeers website provided in the bulletin.

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