Ladies Association

All these April showers
Should bring aMAYzing flowers 🌷
Which means it’s PLANT AUCTION time
So Ladies start saving your dimes

The Ladies aMAYzing meeting will be on Tuesday, May 21st at 7:30 pm in St Andrews Hall. This will be our Annual Plant/Bake Auction. Ladies, please bring a little something from your garden, although some of us are known to purchase something, for the Auction. Also, indoor plants are welcome for those without a garden. Ladies, please also bring a bit of baking for the auction. Do not forget your dimes!
All Ladies are encouraged to join us. You will get some pretty poises, yummy treats and have an aMAYzing time. The money raised at the Auction will be matched by the Ladies Association and be donated to a charity that is yet to be determined. Last year the Ladies donated a record  $1000 to the VBC.
Our own petal pushers, Begonia Bonnie and Bidding Betty W., will provide refreshments.

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