Evangel Hall

Prior to the pandemic, St. Andrew’s-Chalmers members had for many years prepared and served meals to the clients of Evangel Hall at least twice a year.

It was a moving experience for our people to share some of what we have with those who are living on the margins of our society. We were kept very busy serving approximately 100 people each visit. We were well received and appreciated by both the staff and the clients.

The pandemic made significant changes in the work of Evangel Hall and its clients and they are now serving from 180-200 people each Sunday evening.

A survey was circulated to the congregation regarding future visits to Evangel Hall and based on the responses received, it was decided that there was not enough support to handle these numbers.

However, the need still exists and for the month of April, we are inviting the congregation to make a financial donation to support the work of Evangel Hall and the people it serves. Please make your donations to

St. Andrew’s-Chalmers and mark them for Evangel Hall.

Thank you for your support of this very valuable outreach and ministry to those less fortunate.

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